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The Associated Marketing Team is led by; Hugh Kelly (CEO). Hugh has significant international experience in the markets of the Middle East, Far East and Australasia. As a Vice President of the Irish Exporters Association, Chariman of the Asia Trade Forum, a council member of the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and with a PhD in International Business Leadership (on-going), Hugh has leveraged his invaluable links and knowledge to successfully open up vital international markets for many Irish businesses.


In addition, our commercial director Cormac McCarthy has significant experience in marketing and sales and also in operations and logistics, covering many of the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Cormac’s product portfolio encompasses both consumer and contract, as well as product and service brands.


Peter Byers has been a non executive Director with Associated Marketing since 2002. As Finance Director in a number of multinational and public companies over 25 years, both in Ireland and overseas, he has built up much knowledge and experience in running varied businesses and operating in the Far East, Europe, and North America.


Jim Mongey (consultant and member of advisory board) has spent more than 25 years living in fast growth overseas markets, working with companies to accelerate their market entry and profitable export growth. He has managed the in-market operations of Enterprise Ireland in North America (from New York and Toronto), Central Europe (Prague), Middle East and North Africa (most recently, Dubai and Riyadh). His business development experience has also included several other Asian and African markets.


Jim Ruane (member of the advisory board) was Chief Executive - Corporate Banking at Bank of Ireland until 2004. His previous responsibilities included managing director roles in Bank of Ireland Finance and ICS Building Society and First National Bank of Chicago. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Bankers, the Institute of Directors and a Member of the Institute of Management Consultants. A former President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Directors in Ireland, he is currently Chairman of the Eye and Ear Hospital and of Key Capital Private Ltd. He is a Board Member of Allianz Global Life Ltd, DIT Foundation and several other financial services companies.

International Management Team

Picture7Ron Anderson (Manager – South East Asia) is based in Kuala Lumpur where he has lived since 2000. He is the Chairman of the Malaysian Irish Business Network (MIBN) and is Malaysian Country Director of the Asia Trade Forum. He has worked as a consultant to Enterprise Ireland for several years and was the nominated Malaysian delegate to the Global Irish Network (GIN) in 2011.


Amanda Brook (Manager – Australia) is an experienced business leader and marketer who has worked at director and CEO level in organisations such as Wellcom, Priceline and Sensis. She has worked with brands that are icons in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and digital media publishing sectors. Based in Melbourne, she is also a Marketing Industry Advisory Board Member (and former Chairperson) at Monash University.

Picture2Ashok Belani (Manager – Gulf Region) is based in Dubai where he has lived all his life. He was Middle East Regional Manager with Glen Dimplex International before establishing his own consulting company, Arabian Biz Consultants. One of his regular clients was Enterprise Ireland which cemented his relationship with Ireland. He also has close ties with the trade development ministries of the Abu Dhabi government.

Picture1David Dawson (Manager – Africa Markets) is a graduate, international trade and export professional. He has worked with South Africa's Tiger Brands and managed the international trade division of SABMiller. His trade experience of over 25 years extends across 30 sub-Saharan countries in developed and emerging markets including post-conflict environments. David manages and leads our office in Johannesburg.

This high-level awareness has enabled our team to discover, open up and deliver in new territories of opportunity time and time again. Now that experience is leading us to focus efforts on rapidly-emerging medical devices and healthcare product markets – high-growth markets that Irish SMEs simply cannot afford to ignore.

We know where, we know how; and we can do it for you.

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