Markets that offer great opportunities for your products

The export arena is a fast-moving field of opportunities. Associated Marketing provides you with an on-the-ground presence in markets that offer real prospects for significant sales growth for your products. We can represent you in one, more or all of our market regions -

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • The Gulf (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar)
  • South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore)
  • South Africa 


We connect you with the most suitable channel partners by first identifying the optimum sales channel for your products. Then we establish, maintain and develop the right channel relationships to drive long-term and sustained growth.

Every client company we partner with enjoys the support of our specialist export team backed by all the resources of the experienced Associated Marketing Management Team. At Associated Marketing we put our proven process into action on your behalf, with your commercial benefit as our priority.

The opportunities are already there. Now let’s get you there too.

Associated Marketing, Your Export Partner