South Africa

Located at the southern tip of the African continent, South Africa is a nation of approximately 50 million people divided into nine different provinces. Although Tshwane (formerly Pretoria) is its capital city, Johannesburg is its largest city with over 11 million people and the economic hub for the region. There are 11 official languages recognised in the Constitution but English is commonly used in public and commercial life. The legal system is similar to UK and Irish Law.

South Africa remains the wealthiest country in Africa boasting an abundant supply of natural resources along with well developed legal, financial, energy, communications and transport sectors. South Africa is the gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Population: 50.586 million
Currency: Rand
Time Zone: UTC +2

  • Ranked by the World Bank as an "upper middle-income country", South Africa is the largest economy in Africa – and it remains rich with promise.
  • It is one of the world's youngest democracies and has a stable and growing economy with a GDP of €323 billion.
  • Commercial opportunities are plentiful particularly in finance, software, education, telecoms and pharmaceuticals.
  • The sophisticated and mature nature of the South African economy is reflected in the mix of economic sectors: primary (including agriculture, fishing and mining): 13%; secondary (manufacturing, construction and utilities): 20%; and tertiary (trade, transport and services): 67%.
  • Compared with the rest of Africa, South Africa's retail market is already a juggernaut. In 2011, retail sales surpassed a trillion rand for the first time in history. By 2016, this is expected to swell to R1.46 trilion.
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