We take the journey with you to ensure your business reaches its destination

Associated Marketing knows overseas markets. Established in 1970, we pioneered outsourced export marketing in Ireland over 45 years ago and have been perfecting our method of delivery ever since. Our innovative, predefined process identifies the right channels and best strategies to grow export sales. In fact, we’re so confident in our approach, we offer a solution and a revenue/cost model which is entirely success-dependent.

Over the years, our business ventures have taken us to all of the critical international market places. We know what it takes to open markets for Irish SMEs as they seek to gain a rewarding foreign foothold. We share the local commercial and cultural insights that allow us form ongoing profitable relationships with export customers.

Our first-hand experience tells us that the best way to handle long-term business in challenging but highly rewarding international markets is to engage in a partnership approach, where our experience and know-how couples with the product expertise of the companies we back to get them to the point of realising sales. We support them and we work hard to make their exporting venture a success. We want to grow Ireland’s export success; to make a significant difference and help Irish SMEs make a significant difference.