• During the Pathfinder stage, we conduct a full market research programme to help profile and assess potential sales channel partners and to establish the optimum market entry strategy for your business. All of our research is validated against our first-hand exporting.

Channel BuilderTM

  • During the Channel Builder stage, we meet with potential channel partners in-market and assess their fit with your goals. We conduct the negotiations as a principal on your behalf and ensure agency/distribution/partnership contracts are fully formalised and marketing/sales strategies are water tight.

Growth DriverTM

  • This step in our process involves a full programme of market development for your export venture. We schedule regular visits and meetings with our channel partners to ensure agreed strategies are being implemented and sales are consistently driving forward. In addition, we manage your brand’s presence abroad and identify new opportunities to grow sales.

Sales OptimiserTM

  • With Sales Optimiser, we ensure orders for your products are processed quickly and correctly. We manage and administer your international sales transactions and prevent the loss of orders through any misunderstandings of international sales processes.

Logistics ManagerTM

  • With the Logistics manager step of the process, we remain at the interface between your markets and production planning to ensure your products can be produced and delivered in line with targets. We co-ordinate and manage freight and logistics, guaranteeing export and customs documentation is in place and fully compliant.

Risk EliminatorTM

  • The Risk Eliminator step protects your finances and helps you control cash flow. We ensure that all of your debtors are legally bound by formally agreed contracts and we underwrite the debts on all sales orders placed through Associated Marketing to guarantee you receive payment and receive it on-time.